A plan for every church size

What's Included

  • Church Directory

  • Unlimited Visitors

  • Photo Directory

  • 5GB Storage Included

  • Group Messaging ‐ Email, SMS, Voice

  • Native Mobile Apps    

  • Prayer List

  • File Sharing

  • Calendars Coming soon!

  • Emergency Check-in

  • 250 Members Included

  • Email Support

  • Printable Directories

  • Youth Directory

  • Reports

  • Mailing Labels

Premium Add-on Features

  • Instant Communication
  • Coming soon!
$ per
Billed at $19/month

Add additional members
for only $10 per 250 members.

Less than the cost to take the large family to a nice dinner!
More features on the way!
Check our roadmap for more details on what Church Directory is growing into.
Data Import? Yes.
Directory data importing from other systems is available for a $199 one-time fee.
Need More Members?
Add additional members for only $10 per 250 members.

Ready to dive in?
Start today.


No hidden costs

Certain features we offer require consumption based pricing.
We offer these as close to a pass through cost as we can.

Email Messaging

Price per Email Address
Price per Email Sent
to an individual
$0.0015 / email
($1.50 per 1,000 emails)

SMS Messaging

Enablement Fee
$9 / month
flat, one-time per month
Price per SMS Sent
to an individual
$0.035 / SMS

New! Voice Messaging

Price per Call Sent
to an individual
$0.046 / minute

Extra Storage

Each plan comes with storage — pricing is for any extra storage needed.

Price per GB
$0.15 / GB / month
* Telecom rules and verifications are changing all the time. We're constantly working to improve and enable SMS.

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